What is our Competition Company?

Our competition company is made of a group of amazing talented dancers who are passionate and dedicated to their love of dance.

What kind of financial commitment does it take?

Our competition company tries to provide an opportunity to all dancers to be able to commit to our program. 

Competition families are responsible for a tuition cost, which goes towards time in the studio. Competition families also are also responsible for a "competition fee", which covers registration fees, costumes, shoes, etc. 

How can my dancer join this company?

Each dancer who is interested in becoming a part of our competition company Is required to audition in August every year. 

To get started, all competition dancers are required to take our summer ballet and technique classes, which are offered on the Classes page of this website.

Where do we compete?

Our Competition Company competes in 4 competitions between the months of February through May. We travel to the Twin Cites and Des Moines for our competitions. 

What kind of commitment does it take?

Competition dancers are required to take our ballet and technique classes throughout the year, plus an additional class and/or classes to learn the choreography for each routine your dancer has qualified for through our audition process. 

Need more information?

We are looking forward for your dancer to join our company.

Please email us or give us a call with questions.