Hello Everyone, 

As you all know due to government guidelines we will be on a pause for the next month. The studio will be closed until January 3rd. 

Here is some helpful information for the next month:

-Our Merry & Bright show will be postponed.

-We hope to do the show as planned on the week of January 18th-22nd.

-Once the studio opens again we will send out more details. 

-We will be posting videos & music of your dancers routines on our app.

-Tuition will also be paused for the month of December. 

-Fun activities and videos will be posted on our app. throughout this pause.  


Thank you for all of your continued support!

Happy Holidays and stay safe. 

We will miss you all.

UPDS COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

UPDS COVID-19 Preparedness Plan As part of our mission states, Unlimited Possibilities Dance Studio strives to instill values and discipline in a fun and safe environment where students can express themselves through dance. With that in mind, we're implementing some new policies and procedures to protect our dancers, staff, and families from COVID-19.


Please read the following carefully and have a conversation with your dancers before then.


Dropping off/picking up your dancer: we are asking only dancers and staff to enter the lobby area at this time. If you must bring your dancer in, we ask you to wear a mask, help your child get ready for class then exit the lobby and wait in your car.


Students/staff will not be required (but are certainly welcome) to wear a mask during class. We will be doing our absolute best to social distance in class. Please remind your dancer, as much as it saddens us, hugs are off-limits right now. We will be doing lots of air high-fives!


▪Masks must be worn in our lobby at all times. 
▪Dancers may take their masks off during class. 
▪We will have hooks in the studio for each dancer mask. 
▪Each hook will be sanitized before and after each class. 
▪Please initial your mask or find a unique way to distinguish to whom it belongs to avoid cross-contamination.
▪If a dancer needs to leave to use the restroom, a dancer must wear their mask. 


PLEASE be sure your dancer uses the restroom before class!


Cleaning at the studio: we will be wiping down/disinfecting surfaces frequently.

Floors will be mopped at the end of each day.

Ballet barres will be wiped after each ballet class.


Our cleaning staff will be thoroughly cleaning 2x each week.


Please limit the use of the cubbies. Be sure your dancer has all belongings in their own bag and leave bags/shoes etc. On the floor in front of cubbies. We are limiting snacks in the studio. Please be sure your dancers eat before or after class to discourage the sharing of food.


If your dancer is not feeling well in the slightest, please keep them home from class.


We are overly excited and anxious to get back to work and see all of our students!

Please remember, we are an independent studio with no affiliation to school districts. We are moving forward with the dance season while closely following recommended best practices from the MN Dept of Health and the CDC.


We hope dance will give a small piece of normalcy back to your child during this confusing time in their lives.